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Over Memory Bloom

Memory Bloom was inspired by Grooby, my Jack Russell, who was my everything growing up. He was the one I told all my secrets to, my troubles and teenage angst! He always understood, never judged and welcomed me home like a celebrity, no matter what. I loved him with all my heart and was completely heart broken when he died.

My brother and I held a small service for Grooby in our garden. I lowered his casket into the ground, while my brother played The Last Post on his trumpet. It helped me mark the life of my very important friend and deal with our grief. It occurred to me in later life that it is not just me that struggled with grief but for many, many people of all ages losing a pet is a major event, yet it is not given the relative importance it deserves.

Animals play such a big part in our lives; they are our family. Thus, the idea of Memory Bloom was born. A way to hold a ceremony for people of all ages that have loved their pet and want to do ‘something’ to mark their passing, to celebrate the times and memories.

I believe in the circle of life and find it comforting to think that by planting your Memory Bloom, life-giving insects like bees and butterflies will carry on the chain of life. I wrote the little book enclosed in the Memory Bloom pack to help children get through their loss. It is important for children to learn, however difficult, grieving helps people mark the passing of their pet, releasing their soul into the heavens.